Video Promos

Here is a collection of promotional videos for shows, festivals, etc. Some people have said our promos are better than the actual shows. Don’t believe those people. They have the attention spans of gnats and a compete lack of interest in life’s true joys. I mean, if you like these videos, great, but if you like them too much and shoot your mouth off about it, you might be a total wasteoid. Does that make sense? It better.

This was a promo for our show “The Sweaty Meringue” that we turned into an ad for our YouTube channel. We did that because YouTube was like, “you totally need an ad for your channel, bro”. Obviously we’re famous YouTube stars now, so who are we to argue with that?

In order to shoot this video we took plastic sheeting and basically made our own kill room. Y’know what? Clean-up was surprisingly easy. Good to know in case the legal thinking around murder ever shifts.

Below the Law
Remember when cops were funny? Anyway: Defund the police.

Angry Voicemail
Not a promo video, but something we used to open the show at our last performance of STAB, our Halloween-themed show.

A short video we made to promote our show at the 2012 Austin Sketch Comedy Festival. The Fest almost didn’t use this video due to a “lack of professionalism from 2/3 of the subjects”. Thank god David was there.