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  • STAB Comedy kills again!

    This October, we’ll murder our way across Texas with STAB Comedy. We debuted STAB, our Halloween-themed show, last year at ColdTowne Theater. We’ve added new sketches, improved the older ones, created new filmed sketches, and…

  • STAG Comedy team-ups with Your Terrific Neighbors

    On August 21st, we’re teaming up with Your Terrific Neighbors for an awesome double bill at the Spider House Ballroom. It’s like that time Spider-Ham teamed-up with Howard the Duck. Wait, what? That’s never happened??…

  • Body Ranch

    Probably the most requested video from our show Episode 5: Ghostly Do-Gooders. Starring Ximena Estrada, Dave Youmans, Katie Sicking, David Jara, Joe Parsons, and Andrew Rosas.