Space Vote

Everyone knows you have an alien inside you. DUH.
Posting the version that’s on Funny Or Die’s YT account because it has an extra joke at the end.

Starring Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, Dave Youmans, Sam Malcolm, Will Elliott, and Lance Gilstrap
Directed by Kirk Johnson
Written by Mac Blake
Edited by Will Elliott
Director of Photography Kyle Cockayne
Sound Engineer Wylie Earnhart
Practical FX Eric Zapata
Make-up Artist April Swartz
Set Design Kakii Keenan
Assistant Set Designer Blossom Bennett
Assistant Camera Brad Parrett
Sound Mix by Eric Friend
Color Correction Kyle Cockayne
Produced by Mac Blake & Kerri Lendo
Special Thanks: PictureBox Studios, David Jara & Andrew Rosas, Christina Parrish & Dustin Svelhak