Muppet Babies Brainstorm

Finally, the real story behind the creation of Muppet Babies can be told.

Starring Erica Lies, Ximena Blake, Kyle Sweeney, Andrew Rosas, John Merriman, Nichole Russell, Mac Blake, Carlos LaRotta, and Rebeca Mendizabal
Directed by Carlos LaRotta
Written by Mac Blake & Carlos LaRotta
Cinematography Jason Harter
Sound Dustin Svelhak
Edited by Mac Blake
Assistant Director Nichole Russell
Camera Assistant & Key Grip Ray Pacheco
Hair & Make-up Jessica Isam
Sound Design Eric Friend
Theme music cover Arielle LaGuette
Costumes by Shannon LaRotta
Puppets Provided by Chudwick Smith
Corpse Provided by Chip Hawley
Special Thanks: Scott Chester, James West, Fallout Theater
Produced by Mac Blake & Carlos LaRotta