Sex Week! at Austin Sketch Fest

STAG Comedy will be debuting our new show Sex Week at Austin Sketch Fest on Thursday, May 21st, 10:15pm at the Spider House Ballroom. We absolutely love ASF and wanted to do something special for it this year. We challenged ourselves to write a play, which we loosely defined as a show with one main narrative, as opposed to a unifying theme, like our cop show, or horror show, or our Kathy Ireland-inspired show. We cherry picked some previous characters and sketches, smashed them together, wrote new scenes, created new characters, re-wrote all the dialogue, added a musical number, and Sex Week was born. Our friends Taylor Stewart and Ed Reed are going to join the cast for this one because it’s too big for just us. The amazing NYC sketch group OSFUG headlines and one of Austin’s best stand-up comedians Zac Brooks opens. So be sure to get your tickets in advance (RIGHT HERE).