Two Stag Appearances This Week

Stag at the 2011 ATX Sketchfest

photo by Daniel Abrego

Our next run of shows isn’t until November, but to keep you in a state of catlike readiness, we have two performances this week. Stag will be doing 2 sketches tonight at the Texas Travesty High School Variety Show. The show will be on the campus of the University of Austin and also includes the very funny stand-up Matt Willis, as well as music, prizes and other fun stuff from the Travesty staff. The show is FREE, more info here.

Stag will also be doing a piece for The Best of No Shame, a showcase for some of the most memorable performances at Gnap Productions’s No Shame Theater. It’s got a stacked bill including Austin sketch darlings Your Terrific Neighbors and a piece by us. Saturday, Oct 1 at Salvage Vanguard Theater. $5 at the door. More info here.